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Retiform Technique

The Retiform Technique is a deceptively simple design.

It is also called the grid technique as it has lines (grids) across the card.

Gather together your materials:

  • Layer of white or cream card stock
  • Post-it notes or scraps of sponges
  • Ink pads
  • Image or sentiment stamps

Step by Step....

1. Use post-it note to mask off section

2. Colour card stock with inked blender brush or sponge.

3. Stamp with inked image or sentiment.

4. Cover top section with mask.

Use another post-it note to create a new section adjusting the angle of the line.  

Follow steps 2, 3 and 4 until the card is completed.

Warm autumnal colours were used to complete the card.

Retiform technique

Ink colours:

Crumb Cake

Crushed Curry

Cajun Craze

Images and sentiment stamped in Early Espresso

Stamps from:

"Lovely As a Tree"

"Colourful Seasons"

All available from Stampin Up!

Try something different.....

Vary your cards by using different colour combinations...

  • Complementary colours that are opposites of each other such as red and green
  • Harmonious colours that are adjacent to each other on a colour wheel for example red and orange
  • Colours within the same tonal range or colour family.

Other variations include: 

  • A mixture of image and sentiment stamps in different sections.
  • A single colour but different images in each section.
  • Stamping an image in the centre of the card stock and using the technique around the edges.
  • Creating white space between each section by lowering the post-it mask.

Retiform technique using trees and leaves

Ink and stamps as above with addition of acorns from the Painted Harvest stamp set (Stampin Up!)

Retiform technique card using complementary colours

Ink colours:

Emerald Envy

Lemon Lime Twist

Tempting Turquoise

Calypso Coral

Stamps from:

Jar of Love

Colourful Seasons

All available from Stampin Up!

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