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About Card Making Circle

Hi I'm Julia the creator of Card Making Circle.

So, who am I and why card making?

I've always been a crafter from quilting to embroidery to mosaics. 

I've had a go at most things!

A fellow participant on a calligraphy course introduced me to card making.  She'd lived in the US and came back to the UK with new ideas about paper crafting.

Her ideas were the inspiration that got me started as I was looking for fundraising items for the craft stall at my son's school. 

Family life and work put card making on the back burner until I joined a Stampin Up! group 3 years ago.  This re ignited my passion.

My stress levels were through the roof!

Juggling work, caring for my disabled son and later my dad with Dementia.

Card making helped me relax from the stress and cope with my chronic pain.

Like many, I found that the art of creating helped me switch off from my everyday worries and reduced my pain. 

My work also gave me the skills to adapt equipment and activities as I supported and taught young people and adults with physical and learning difficulties.

Enabling and finding solutions to accessibility issues is second nature to me.  It is challenging, rewarding and very satisfying. 

I love card making as it is an achievable craft. 

By this, I mean you can complete it in one sitting.  You can create your card and can use it straight away.  It doesn't need to be perfect to give pleasure to your recipient.

Card making is adaptable and can take place at many levels.  It's easy for someone to get started with the minimum of equipment and supplies. 

And as your skills and ideas increase there are opportunities to learn new techniques.

You never stop learning! That's why I've signed up to the Altenew Educators Program to improve my card making skills and master new techniques.

Card making is a great creative hobby for everyone regardless of (dis)ability.

Just get started and have a go!

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If you have a disability or an additional need have look at Julia's other website:

Disability Grants

For information on grants from charities and trusts that help the disabled in the UK.

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