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Kindness Cards

Send more Kind Mail

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind” - Unknown

Make someone smile today!

Let's use our crafty skills to make a difference through the simple act of giving handmade cards.

In a world of instant digital communication, do we undervalue the power of a handmade card?

I believe there are people willing unplug, create, and spread goodwill. That brings me on to the topic in hand - using our handmade greeting cards as a way of spreading kindness - while doing something we love.

So, why should we consider reverting back to this seemingly old-fashioned method of communication to distribute a bit of generosity?

A kindness card made with the "Whimsical Flowers and Quotes" stamp set and the "Wings of Hope stamp set.  Both from Altenew.  Coloured with Polychromos coloured pencils.

First, it allows you to express a part of who you are.

When you produce a handmade greeting card, it shows part of YOU - Your personality.

No text message or email could ever capture this.

It's like embedding a piece of your heart on a piece of card.

Secondly, there's nothing quite like the joy of creating. 

Crafting handmade greeting cards provides a therapeutic escape from the stresses of life.

It's a hobby that fuels your creative soul.

It’s about finding joy and being immersed in a world of colours, patterns, and messages.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” 

Princess Diana

Now let's consider the recipient.....

Imagine their surprise on receiving a beautiful, crafted card at an unexpected time.

Visualise their reaction when they realise you took time out of your busy schedule to create something for them.

Imagine how they'll feel when they realise it.

A handmade greeting card does more than delivering a 'Happy Birthday' or 'Get Well Soon'. It conveys a deeper message: "I thought of you."

It shows that "I care about you".

A kindness card made with the "Whimsical Flowers and Quotes" stamp set and the "Wings of Hope stamp set.  Both from Altenew.  Coloured with Zig Clean color markers.

The process of creating and giving handmade greeting cards lets you do what you love. While it lets you give something special that modern communication systems lack.

So, don't wait for a birthday or special event. Send positive wishes and good vibes at any time to spread joy and happiness.

Remember friends, family, neighbours, care homes residents and essential workers. We all need kindness in our lives.

Created with the "Awesome Human" stamp set from Trinity Stamps.

This may seem like a small gesture. But sometimes, the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts.

By getting the ball rolling hopefully, our actions may inspire others to pass on this goodwill.

As we harness the power of simplicity and warmth with our creativity. Let our handmade greeting cards be our messenger of kindness.

Increase Kindness...One card at a Time!

What is World Kindness Day?

world kindness day poster

World Kindness Day is a global observance celebrated annually on 13th November.

It was established by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of NGOs from multiple nations.  The day encourages individuals, communities, and societies to perform acts of kindness, promote good deeds and highlight the power of positivity.

World Kindness Day encourages us to step beyond our borders, our comfort zones, and look at the bigger picture - to realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is a fundamental aspect of our global heritage.

This day is not only about understanding the importance of kindness but is also a day to practice acts of kindness towards each other, ourselves, and our environment.

Activities can range from small gestures, like paying for a stranger's meal or coffee, to larger acts like organising community events or fundraisers.

The day aims to highlight that even minor acts of kindness have a powerful ability to unite individuals regardless of their cultural, political, or social differences.

Ultimately, the goal of World Kindness Day is to make kindness more than an act, but rather, a default state of being.

"A little Kindness goes a long way" from the Say it in Diamonds Stamp set from Catherine Pooler.

Join Me in Spreading Kindness...

Join me by sharing your Kindness cards.  I love making cards for my friends and families that have meaning especially for them.  It's a very personal way to let them know that we care.

To get you started download my free card fronts...."Kindness Collection" .

Share Your Kindness Cards

Share your Kindness cards. Tell us who it was for and why you made it.

Cards for Causes

Another option is to donate your spare cards to a local cause. 

Check out my Cards for Causes for a list of organisations that collect and distribute handmade cards.

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