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Neurographic Art

Neurographic art is a new and exciting way to create unique and beautiful artwork.

It's a bit like the scribble drawings from infant school with lots of circular loops and turns. Colouring the larger spaces with crayons or coloured pencils.

Nowadays, it's used in therapy as a way to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. It's claimed to improve motor function and sleep as the process relaxes the brain.

For card makers it's a technique we can use to make a one of a kind card.  It's simple and easy to do.

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A neurographic art greeting card with the sentiment Good Vibes only

My first attempt!

I used a sharpie pen to draw the lines and to round the edges.

For the colouring I used my Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend markers and a white gel pen for the dots.

I completed the card with a "Good Vibes Only" sentiment from Concord and 9th.

To have a go.....

  • Start with a blank piece of paper. 
  • Use a black pen (such as a sharpie) and draw a simple line across the page.
  • Build upon that line to add other lines that curve and cross other lines.
  • Round off or soften the corners or nodes where the lines intersect.  Make some lines thicker if you feel that it improves the design.  Go with your own intuition as to what looks right.
  • When you have finished add colour.  This can be in any medium you chose: coloured pencils, paints, gel pens, alcohol inks.  The choice is yours!

How far you go is up to you - Your design is finished when you feel it's finished.  

As the image becomes more complex the design begins to look a bit like the neural pathways of the brain.

Neurographic art used to create a "Just a Note" greeting card

My next card was much more organic.

I used a background from my stash made from Distress sprays.

Again, I used a sharpie to create the main lines and then created circles and ovals within the lines.

After I rounded off all the edges I coloured some of the shapes with metallic watercolour and a white gel pen.

Like my previous creation I added dots for more interest.

Neurographic art used to create a "Smile" greeting card

I was starting to get into the flow with my third card!

This time I used a background painted with my Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolour set as I love the bright intense colours.

I added a combination of dots and pen lines in black, white and gold.

The card was completed with a simple "Smile" die cut in gold card.

Other Ideas for Neurographic Art...

There are lots of different way to create your neurographic art.  Just do what feels right for you and add your own individual take to the process.

  • Explore different colour schemes for example a seasonal design. Or use monochromatic colours or analogous colours. 
  • Shade areas or mix colours blending from one to another.
  • Add a shadow inside your coloured areas to give a 3 D effect.
  • Add different mediums. Such as metallic watercolours or stickers to one part to create a focal point.
  • Add geometric shapes like circles, squares
  • Add journalling doddles such as lines and dots to add layering and textures to your art.
  • Add Zentangle patterns
  • Incorporate text into the design.  I seen some amazing ways people have achieved this on Pinterest.

Neurographic art used in an art journal

Totally hooked on this technique I used it in my art journal.  So relaxing as you have to take your time.

Give it a Go Today!

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