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Hi, my name is Julia, and here you can learn the secrets of making your own handmade cards for family and friends.

Unique cards that are created with love and care.  In designs that aren't available from a store.

I'm passionate about card making.

As it's an achievable and affordable craft that's inclusive to everyone.  

Cards can be as simple or as complicated as you like to make them. 

It's easy to make a quick card when in a rush or spend hours putting the finishing touches to a detailed image.

It all depends on the time and energy you have available.

Great for those of us who are balancing work and family commitments.

Our cards don't need to be perfect as they are a handmade and a personal "gift" to our recipient.

We have the pleasure of giving and our cards give joy and happiness to others.

Quote from St Francis of Assisi

I use stamps and ink to create the images and so can you.  With stamping, colouring and a few techniques you can create awesome cards.

And that's not all.....

Card making like other crafts improves health and well being.

For me, the process of creating reduces my chronic pain and gives me that much needed "me" time.

It relaxes me and helps me switch off from my everyday worries as I lose myself in the moment. 

The clock definitely moves faster when I'm creating!

Making cards can help you deal with life's challenges too by giving yourself space just for YOU.

So, whether you're new to card making or a dab hand....

Take time to find out more and join me by making Cards from the Heart.

Share YOUR cards in my Card Making Gallery as we all like to see what others are making.  

And leave your comments as we all like to hear what others think about our creations.

Getting Started with Card Making

If you are new to card making start by reading my articles.... Card Making for Beginners.

Follow the links to the different pages to learn the basics of making a card.

Then find out about different tools and techniques that can help you take your creating to the next level.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

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