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Free Printable Wall Art 

Brighten up your craft space with free printable wall art!

These prints are designed to add a personal touch to your craft space with crafty quotations.

All the downloads are PDF's and are sized to fit into a 8 x 10" aperture.  Frames can be purchased from Amazon at a reasonable price.

All products © Card Making Circle.  Must not be used for resell.

Personal use only.  

To Download

Click the DOWNLOAD button and the PDF will open in a new window on your browser.  From here you can PRINT.

To Print

Set your printer settings to BEST and SCALE (not Scale to Fit)  as you don't want to change the dimensions of the image. 

Photo paper is the best option as this will enhance the colour and bring your images to life. 

If you use photo paper you will need to change your printer settings to PHOTO/GLOSSY PAPER.

The images will print onto either International A4 or US Letter sized photo paper.

Once printed you may need to trim the edges to fit into your chosen photo frame.

All PDF's are high quality and will give a clear image. 


Do let me know below how you used your image(s).  Which one is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments box below.

Share a photo of your picture in your craft space.

The Craft Room is my Happy Place

Absolutely!  Time just flies when I'm crafting.

It's also a place where worries can be put to one side as you go into your crafting zone.

Crafting is the only way to Escape without leaving Home

This is particularly poignant at the moment with so many of us in lockdown or self isolating from the Covid 19 virus.

Creativity doesn't require Perfection

This is something I definitely need reminding of from time to time.  

Our cards are handmade and they will be loved for them being unique. 

Eat Sleep Craft Repeat

A fun statement for the dedicated crafter that will look superb in any craft space.

Make Your Own Rainbows

Rainbows are the sign for thank you, hope and solidarity.  

Over the past year rainbows have appeared in windows around the world to spread hope.

All products © Card Making Circle.  Must not be used for resell.

Personal use only.  

More Free Printable Downloads

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