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Crafting is Fun!

Let's find out why crafting is fun and engaging......

There are lots of crafts to choose from and different crafts suit different personalities.

So, what type of craft activities are popular at the moment?

Adult Colouring

colouring mandala with coloured pencils

Adult colouring books continue to grow in popularity. You can even find them in your local supermarket!

It's a quick and simple way to take time out as all you need is a colouring book and pencils.  Easy to take with you when you're travelling or having a break at work.

Colouring Mandalas is popular as it encourages the use of different colours to create intricate patterns.  So calming!

“Colourists” report colouring is “relaxing as a yoga session”, “meditative” and even “spiritual”.

Colouring also offers physical benefits as it improves hand/eye coordination and helps maintain hand function.

The next time your inner-child is clamouring to come out and play, why not invite your friends and their inner-children to a colouring party?

A colouring fest (with wine and nibbles of course!) turns a solitary activity into a social experience. You’ll need a variety of adult colouring books and an assortment of colouring tools.

And just how fun are coloured scented pencils?

Card Making

Greeting cards from shops are expensive and you can’t always find one that says what's in your heart.

So, have a look at the ideas on this website and try your hand at making your own hand made cards.  Family and friends will adore that personal touch.

When a handmade card arrives in the post, it means someone is thinking about you, sending well wishes or appreciation.  

If you want to make beautiful, hand made cards that create “aha moments!” just “do it”.  

Don't worry about perfection - it's the time and the love that goes into your card that makes it special.

Trust in the power of your creativity to make someone’s troubles lighter and day brighter.

Hand made cards aren’t just for reading and binning. They are cherished things that are for forever.

Card making is relaxing and a distraction from everyday worries.  It stretches those little creative grey cells and a provides a wonderful sense of achievement.


Needlecraft works wonders on low self-esteem. Just the thought of creating something beautiful via your self-expression will raise your confidence level.

Knitting, stitching and crochet are no longer for the grannies!

In 2017 market research firm Mintel reported that a fifth of women under 45 years are interested in taking up needlecraft.

While 17% of men aged 16 to 24 years are keen to have a go.

The repetitive, rhythmic actions of knitting and crochet can lull you into relaxation. A kind of crafty mindfulness.

As you get more competent, it can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, as well as lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Knitting and crochet, like colouring are very portable crafts that can be taken with you on your travels.

Betsan Corkhill, a physiotherapist who created Stitchlinks suggests knitting can help manage pain, addiction and even Dementia.

While patchwork, embroidery and cross stitch can help maintain mental agility.

It has been established that needlecraft helps in the prevention of pain, depression and stress.

Painting & Drawing

painting rainbow heart

Art, such as painting or drawing, packs a powerful, positive, punch.

The link between artistic expression and experiencing happiness is firmly established. 

As far back as 1996, Robert Epstein (an American psychologist) remarked “… greater creativity breeds greater happiness” (Psychology Today).

It has also been shown to reduce depression and anxiety.

The University of London took a different approach – simply contemplating that works of art are associated with increased levels of dopamine, a chemical that gives you a natural high. 

Final thoughts on Crafting is Fun!

Crafting is fun!

Learning how to create new things is entertaining. We meet new people, socialise, stay motivated and laugh at our mistakes.

All this and the added benefit to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Expect to be ecstatic with the completion of your first crafting project.

Wow! Did I do that?


Knit for Health & Wellness: How to knit a flexible mind and more by Betsan Corkhill

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