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Printable Easter Cards
for Kids

Printable Easter Cards for Kids

Welcome to my printable Easter cards for kids!

They offer a fun activity for children for the Easter Holidays. Ideal for both parents and teachers as a hassle-free holiday activity.

My designs are simple line drawings around the Easter theme that children can colour and decorate as they please.

Their simplicity makes them appealing to young children - with no confusing details.

Each line drawing has a different image of Easter bunnies, cheerful chicks or patterned Easter eggs.

Parents, there's good news for you!

These Easter Cards for Kids are sure to keep your little ones occupied during the holidays.

Say goodbye to the expensive craft kits that might or might not interest your little ones. All my printables can be printed home with just a click of a button.

Teachers, I haven’t forgotten you.....

My Printable Easter Cards for Kids provides a ready made activity to reduce your prep time.

And it will align with your Easter holiday lesson plans. Use them for group activities or with individuals.

The cards are easy to use, simple to create, and a guaranteed time saver.

Their simplicity and convenience make them a winning choice.  Plus, it offers a wonderful way to send heartfelt greetings to loved ones during the holidays.

Parents and teachers like their affordability. They see them as a smart, cheap choice.

You can also boost their value by using them beyond card making. Such as classroom decorations or a part of an Easter garland in your home.

The possibilities are endless and can all be achieved at the click of the download button.

So why chose my cards....

  • There's two choices - one with cards sized 3.5 x 5" in a pack of 25 small card designs - great for handing out in the classroom or at a party.  While the second option produces 5" x 7" cards for special friends and family.
  • Each card has a different image. This allows your child is to find the perfect Easter card for their friend.
  • Printing the cards is a breeze! Simply download the printable file, make as many copies as you need.
  • They can be coloured with any medium your little one prefers - crayons, pencils, markers....
  • The cards are easy to use, simple to create, and will save valuable time for parents and teachers. 
  • They can be printed US Letter and International A4 paper sizes.

In summary, my Printable Easter Cards for Kids are delightful. They are engaging and creative for children.

So why wait?

Bring a burst of colour, creativity, and joy to this year’s Easter celebrations with my printables!

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Printable Easter Cards for Kids

25 cards 3.5" x 5"

Printable Easter cards for kids

printable Easter cards for kids showing the 5 downlaods
  • Each card measures a cute 3.5" x 5", making them just the right size to hand out at school or parties.
  • 5 printable sheets containing 20 cards
  • Cost: £3.49


A pin graphic advertising printable Easter cards for cards

Printable Easter Cards for Kids
5" x 7"

Printable Easter Cards for kids to downl, print and colour at home

Printable Easter Cards for kids to downl, print and colour at home
  • Each card measures 5" x 7" when folded
  • 6 printable sheets containing 6 cards
  • Cost: £3.49


Printable Easter Cards for kids to downl, print and colour at home

You will receive:

  • An email shortly after purchase with a link to a downloadable PDF or Zip folder to print on either standard US letter or International A4.

How to Download:

  • Click the link in your email to download to your computer or laptop

How to Print:

  • Use either heavy card stock or watercolour paper depending on your colouring medium.
  • Ensure that your printer ink is suitable for your colouring medium and will not smudge when colouring.
  • Use "Best" print settings or draft if looking for a faint outline for no-line colouring.
  • Once printed trim to create your card using either a trimmer or scissors.
  • You may print the download as many times as you like.

Please note:

  • The downloads are for personal use and may not be shared or distributed.
  • The cards are a digital download and no physical item will be shipped.
  • If using alcohol inks for your colouring you may need to use your printed version as a card layer, then mount onto a card base.

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