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Card Making News- New and Free Resources ❤️
January 17, 2024

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Newsletter for readers of Card Making Circle. It is always a pleasure to reconnect.

As the winter chill takes hold, I invite you to put the kettle on, cosy up, and explore the realm of creativity with me.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned card crafter, the web site is full of learning resources to help you grow.

Latest additions include mixed media – covering the techniques and ideas for your mixed media cards.

Shop Your Stash!

This year I challenge you to resist the allure of new items pushed by supply companies. Instead, reinvent and create magic with what you already own.

It's high time we defy the push of new products and focus more on reusing and recycling. It's a journey of rediscovering those forgotten treasures in your stash!

Not only will you save money, but you'll cut waste too!

Don't rush to buy the next big thing marketed by supply companies. And I admit I’m as guilty as the next guy!

Instead, focus on creating with what you already have.

Use up your old paper packs.  Create images with those small stamps that come with larger stamp sets.  Look at other ways to use your dies.

And if you have any of last year’s purchases unused now is the time to use them.

This podcast/blog from the Frugal Crafter says it all!


New Year, New Broom! It’s time to do a Marie Condo on your supplies.

We've all been there, rummaging through a cluttered craft space can be frustrating. An organised craft space doesn't just save time, it also stirs motivation and innovation!

If you can’t use something, maybe you know someone who can.  Or find a group looking to start a craft/card making. 

Every little helps when you are just beginning.


Card Making Circle Shop

The shop is full of printable downloads to help save you time and money with your creating.

Latest additions include a Party Digital Card Kit, printable sentiments and printable Valentines cards for kids.

Printable products save space as you store them on your computer not on your shelf!

Watch out for my Baby products next month!

Stress Free Card Making

Creating handmade cards is a beautiful way to de-stress.

After all, relaxation is at the heart of every hobby.

The creating isn’t just about creating beautiful cards, it's also about giving yourself the space to relax and unwind.

And for You....

I have a collection of vintage Valentine card fronts sized to 5” 7” that can be used on your card fronts.

Creative Fabrica are also offering a beautiful Mermaid Scales digital paper and Lavender Collage designs for free.

Read my page on Creative Fabrica for Card Making to find out how to use this amazing resource.

If you enjoyed this newsletter, I'd be very grateful if you'd help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing on Facebook and other social media.

Thank you for being a part of this growing community.   Let's reconnect in the next Newsletter.

Until then, stay crafty!


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